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Progress toward the Construction of an International Web-based Educational System Featuring an Improved "SimRiver" for the Understanding of River Environments

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dc.contributor.author Rattanaporn Srivibool
dc.contributor.author Shigeki Mayama
dc.contributor.author Kazuhiro Katoh
dc.contributor.author Hiroshi Omori
dc.contributor.author Satoquo Seino
dc.contributor.author Hiroyuki Osaki
dc.contributor.author Matthew Julius
dc.contributor.author Jung Ho Lee
dc.contributor.author Cheol Cheong
dc.contributor.author Eduardo A. Lobo
dc.contributor.author Andrzej Witkowski
dc.contributor.author Ptumporn Muangphra
dc.contributor.author Regine Jahn
dc.contributor.author Maxim Kulikovskiy
dc.contributor.author Paul B. Hamilton
dc.contributor.author Ya-Hui Gao
dc.contributor.author Luc Ector
dc.contributor.author Tri R. Soeprobowati
dc.contributor.other Institute of Marine Science
dc.date.accessioned 2019-03-25T09:14:49Z
dc.date.available 2019-03-25T09:14:49Z
dc.date.issued 2011
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.lib.buu.ac.th/xmlui/handle/1234567890/2396
dc.description.abstract The United Nations has designated water sanitation and safety as one of millennium goals and has emphasized the role of international cooperative efforts in achieving this goal. Promoting awareness to the nations about riverine environments is one approach to this goal and science education has the potential to actualize it. “SimRiver,” a program simulator that uses diatoms to enhance the understanding of the relationship between human activity and water quality, is a useful tool for achieving this aim. While previous studies have indicated the advantages of using SimRiver in classroom activities, these studies also revealed the necessity for bringing about improvements in several areas. Revisions were made in both the software itself and in the lesson plans incorporating the use of software, and the effectiveness of these revisions was assessed via a questionnaire study. The results suggest that classroom activities incorporating both the improved version of SimRiver and the enhanced lesson plans succeed in promoting the awareness of river environments more effectively than the previous ones, and in motivating students to conduct additional independent study. In addition, a multilingual version of SimRiver has currently been developed for international use based on the original Japanese version. Web-based multilingual educational teaching aides composed of a Web-based SimRiver simulator, streaming movies, visual tools and a reporting system for classes using these tools are also being prepared in order to encourage international communication in the spirit of the United Nations’ millennium development goal. en
dc.language.iso eng th_TH
dc.subject diatoms th_TH
dc.subject river environment th_TH
dc.subject SimRiver th_TH
dc.subject video movie th_TH
dc.subject web-based system th_TH
dc.title Progress toward the Construction of an International Web-based Educational System Featuring an Improved "SimRiver" for the Understanding of River Environments en
dc.type บทความวารสาร th_TH
dc.issue 1
dc.volume 5
dc.year 2011
dc.journal Asian Journal of Biology Education
dc.page 2-14.

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