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ผลลัพธ์ 1-10 จากทั้งหมด 198
2009Circulation in the upper Gulf of Thailand investigated using a three-dimensional hydordynamic modelอนุกูล บูรณประทีปรัตน์; ปราโมทย์ โศจิศุภร; K. Olaf Niemann; Tetsuo Yanagi; Satsuki Matsumura; มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา. คณะวิทยาศาสตร์
2002Further halotyrosine derivatives from the marine sponge Suberea aff. praetensaRawiwan Watanadilok; Pichan Sawangwong; Institute of Marine Science; Anake Kijjoa; Werner Herz; Maria são josé Nascimento; Madalena Pedro; Graham Eaton; Pichai Sonchaeng; Artur MS Silva
2008The influence of total and oxygen partial pressures on structure and hydrophilic property of TiO2 thin films deposited by reactive DC magnetron sputteringNirun Witit-anun; Surasing Chaiyakun; Apiwat Buranawong; Theerawit Deelert
2009Comparative study on the characteristics of fly ash and bottom ash geopolymersWichian Chalee; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Ubolluk Rattanasak; Chai Jaturapitakkul; Faculty of Science
2013Failure surface and plastic potential in deviatoric plane of Bangkok ClayFumihiko Fukuda; Wanwarang Ratananikom; Siam Yimsiri; Suched Likitlersuang; Faculty of Engineering
2013Investigation of failure criterion and plastic potenial of Bangkok clay in π-pleane by torsional shear hollow cylinder apparatusSiam Yimsiri; Wanwarang Ratannaikom; Faculty of Engineering
2012A new species of Paramacrochiron (Copepoda: Cyclopoida: Macrochironidae) associated with the rhizostome medusa Rhopilema hispidum collected from the Gulf of Thailand, with a phylogenetic analysis of the family Macrochironidae.Khwanruan Srinui; Susumu Ohtsuka; Geoffrey A Boxshall; Institute of Marine Science
2008On Approximating a Generalized Binomial by Binomial and Poisson DistributionsKanint Teerapabolarn; Patcharee Wongkasem; Renumas Gulasirima; Faculty of Science
2008Poisson Approximation to the Beta-Negative Binomial DistributionKanint Teerapabolarn; Faculty of Science
2007Antifungal Activity Evaluation of the Constituents of Haliclona baeri and Haliclona cymaeformis, Collected from the Gulf of ThailandPichan Sawangwong; Anake Kijjoa; Madalena Pinto; Rawiwan Watanadilok; Cátia Rodrigues; Honorina Cidade; Eugenia Pinto; Artur MS Silva; Institute of Marine Science